A Mastermind Mentoring Program for Men

Join the Brotherhood in The Armory and Become Battle-Ready for Life


Many men will say that personal development is a high priority but have no plan for it. Most live in the silence of their thoughts and experiences with no trusted group of brothers to confide in. My Brother, we were not born confused or insecure. It’s time to uncover the dormant greatness lying within you. Join The Armory today and truly live as the man you were born to be.


Yes, we believe you’ll want to continue your personal development and connection with your brothers, but if at any time it’s not serving your needs, just let us know.  You can leave at any time.


You’ll find all the resources you need in the training center: all past course materials, videos, challenge worksheets, and live session replays.  One place for everything, plus access through the mobile app.



The Armory has private places to connect with your brothers, both as a group and a private chat for your Brotherhood.



Use the mobile app to access all the trainings and session replays while working out, driving, or on the move.



As you grow you may have questions you want answered in real time.  Bring them to the weekly live sessions and get expert feedback.




Growing comes from acting on what you learned. Each mentoring sessions will provide thought-provoking questions and assignments to assure that you make the lessons part of your life.


All our course materials are delivered in manageable doses through video training and challenge assignments each week to help you become the man you were born to be.


You need a place to come where brothers know your name and you can privately share the real concerns and victories of your life.  These relationships may become the most significant in your life as they have for so many.


If you can’t make a live call, don’t worry.  We’ve got your back! Log in to the training center to catch anything you might have missed.



The Authentic Man: Battle Ready for Life 

No More Mr. Nice Guy Bootcamp

Authentic Strength: Fit for Life

Romantic Mastery

Discover Your Purpose and Leave a Legacy

Entrepreneur Bootcamp

Confidence of the Authentic Man

How to Lead in Crisis 

The Noble King – Owning Your Kingdom


Amazing and life transforming.  It helped me discover what’s really inside me that’s always been there that I wasn’t able to access on my own. You’ve got to do this! It will transform your life and you’ll find out where you’re supposed to be going.

Ray Rappold

The concepts were brilliant, and I learned so much.  But the greatest is experience was bonding with some amazing men.  The feeling of genuineness, authenticity, and genuine care for each was the greatest gift.

Abel Calderon

If you’re feeling alone, you have no idea where to go in life, and you just feel a brokenness inside, this is the way you get healed, where you find your path, you move forward, and you reset emotionally and physically.

John Buckley

I’ve been through programs in the past, but this one made the most difference in my life.  It helped me get in touch with my heart.  Thank you for that.

Kevin Wang

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